Children’s University™ is an innovative and dynamic scheme that raises children’s self-esteem, attainment and aspirations by taking part in activities in out of school hour learning. It is for children of all abilities, aged 7 – 14 years of age (and 5 & 6 year olds with family engagement).Pupils own a Passport To Learning in which they are encouraged to collect hours of learning towards nationally recognised awards. Awards are presented at Graduation Ceremonies at a local University watched by proud families/carers.


  1. Raising children’s aspirations, confidence, self esteem
  2. Increasing educational attainment and broadening horizons
  3. Having fun!
  4. Targeting groups of children to help ‘close the gap’
  5. Instant reporting method to meet all current Ofsted requirements
  6. Transition opportunities for primary to secondary schools.


The Children’s University builds its ‘learner-centred curriculum’ around unique environments which offer children and young people a different kind of portal into learning – learning in places and experiences which can help to boost self-confidence and the desire to learn. As well as art galleries, zoos, aquariums, libraries and museums which adults, children and young people visit for fun yet essentially educational purposes, there are many less obvious sites for learning, such as local radio stations, restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, sports clubs, newspaper offices, docks, airports, or train stations.


Anytime, when a child or young person is learning voluntarily outside of school hours. This may be before school, at lunchtime, after school or in the holidays.


All children and young people aged 7-14 can participate (5 & 6 years with family engagement). In the modern world university is no longer somewhere for the privileged few but somewhere to which all can aspire and feel welcome. The Children’s University aims to nurture confident, resilient learners who enjoy furthering their own education for life.


Children’s University activities can be in any subject which can be studied as part of a degree programme at a UK University or FE College. This might be traditional subjects such as English, Maths or Engineering or it may broaden horizons with courses such as Movie making, Exploring Volcanoes or Theatrical Make up and Costume Design. Also, the ‘learning’ extra-curricular hours during actual activities at Residential or day trips can be collected. Visit the UCAS website for further information:

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