At Ryders Green, we strive to give every child, every opportunity, at their one chance in primary school.

Science teaching and learning at Ryders Green is about exploring, finding patterns, classifying and observing over time. It is about building upon our scientific skills and adapting our misconceptions of the world around us. 

Science Resources and Equipment

We are very lucky to have a range of innovative resources to help us teach Science across the school. This includes a Dome, an Imagination Studio, ‘Telly Tubby’ land in our Key Stage 1 playground, our Nursery garden and our Key Stage 1 garden.

We are very grateful to Miss Sunner and Mr Soulsby who have reorganised our Curriculum cupboard to store our wonderful Science resources under our learning units.

Good Schools Guide

We have been highlighted in the Good Schools Guide Digital Magazine: Chalk and Chat!/stand-out-schools

Season days

We celebrate the seasons by having Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter days. They are opportunities for us to review and celebrate what has changed over our school site over the past few months. This academic year children have the opportunity to apply their skills and understanding to the school site with their class teacher and Miss Richards.

Primary Science Teacher 2016

Miss Blackmore, our Head Teacher, is currently the Science Leader was awarded Primary Science Teacher 2016 from the Primary Science Teaching Trust for innovation and creativity in Science.

Science Scarecrows

Every year each class chooses a scientist that they would like to research. They present their findings in the form of a scarecrow which they decorate and present to the school in a special Science assembly.

Department for Education Curriculum Pilot

Ryders Green were successful in reaching the final stage of the national curriculum pilot for the Department for Education. This was a time consuming and lengthly process but at the same time very exciting. The final stage involved us being given twenty four hours to produce a memory stick with our Science scheme of work on and then having it couriered to the Department of Education headquarters in London. We are disappointed but very proud of our achievements.

Science and Engineering Week

As well as our weekly Science lessons we celebrate the annual national Science and Engineering Week across the country. This year we focused on ‘change’ within the context of the Roald Dahl book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.

You can read a narration of it here: ‘Narration of ”George’s Marvellous Medicine’

Teachers were able to link Science and Engineering week with many of the other National Curriculum subjects such as PSHE, English and Design and Technology.

This is a weblink on drama strategies teachers used within their themed lessons.

We used the Imagination Studio to experience the changing of the seasons, a large piece of ice breaking away from an ice berg, the life cycles of wheat, being snorkelers experiencing the decay of a coral reef, how the Mayans changed their landscape, a volcano erupting and an earthquake occurring.


For our emotional and physical wellbeing each year group has an identified area of the school site that they look after. The idea is for children to understand how gardening is relaxing and therapeutic and rewarding. It also enables children to develop skills and understanding on helping a living thing to grow.

  • Nursery and Reception – Vegetable garden
  • Year 1 Sensory garden in our KS1 garden
  • Year 2 Hanging baskets
  • Year 3 Dome garden
  • Year 4 Busy bee area
  • Year 5 Herb garden
  • Year 6 Dome area

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